1. General instructions

1.1 This agreement (hereinafter – Agreement) regulates the procedures and terms of services provided by web site, hereinafter - Provider, and is addressed to a natural person wishing to obtain services provided by the site (hereinafter – Participant.).

1.2 This Agreement is concluded between the Terminal SkyNet (hereinafter – System) in the name of CyberDyne Systems Technology Company and any registered user, a natural or a legal person. By proceeding with the registration you confirm your consent to all the rules set forth below.

1.3 This Agreement is concluded by means of new participants joining the Terminal SkyNet system after their registration in the Terminal SkyNet system.

1.4 These rules of the Agreement set forth procedure and terms of services provided by the Terminal SkyNet service of CyberDyne Systems Technology.

1.5 The terms of this Agreement are accepted by the Participants unconditionally and completely be joining to the Agreement in its form shown at the web site.

1.6 By completing registration at "» you confirm your acceptance of the Agreement.

2. Registration

2.1 The registration is performed exclusively at the official web site at «» or its official mirror sites.

2.2 The user shall provide only truthful personal information during the registration.

2.3 No personal information will be made available to third parties. By the fact of registration, the user confirms their agreement to processing of personal data.

2.4 Only competent individuals having achieved the age of 18 years may register. Only one account may be registered per person.

2.5 Citizenship and any other characteristics do not limit the possibility of registration.

2.6 The account is deemed registered after finalizing all the stages of registration.

3. General rules of the service

3.1 The object of this Agreement is provision of services in leisure to Participant in the «» on behalf of Provider in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The services in question are, without limitation: accounting of significant information: investment account activity; provision of measures for identification and security of the Participants; software development for integration into the investment platform; information and other services necessary to organize operation of the investment platform and provide the Participant with services during the operation of the investment platform.

3.2 The system as a whole, as well as any element thereof are created exclusively for investment activities. The Participant agrees that all the activities in the system on the investment platform serve as an additional earnings but nothing more. The Participant agrees that his degree of participation in the system will vary depending on characteristics of their account.

3.3 Participant agrees that all the financial activities at the investment platform are their sole personal liability: operations with any investment elements and other system attributes and objects used for the investment process.

3.4 The Participant agrees that the degree and possibility of participation in the project at the server of the System are the main qualities of the Service provided.

3.5 Minimum amount of balance refill in the service is 20$ per a single operation. Maximum amount of balance refill in the service is 100.000$ per a single operation.

3.6 Minimum amount for creation of a request for withdrawing funds is 0.10$, maximum is 100,000$ per a single operation. All the payment processor commissions if any, are covered by the Participant withdrawing funds.

3.7 Fund withdrawal and account refill in the Terminal SkyNet system is automatic and proceeds with minimal delay.

3.8 The following methods are used for account refill and fund withdrawal: Perfect Money, Payeer. ADV Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DashCoin, LiteCoin.

4. Rights and obligations of the provider

4.1 The Provider provides the Participant with access to the investment platform free of charge. The Participant independently pays their access to the Internet and other costs due to this activity.

4.2 The Provider undertakes to account the monetary funds on the Participant's investment account.

4.3 The Provider undertakes regular updates of software and hardware but gives no warranties whatsoever for the System's software being free of errors or System's hardware always operating faultless.

4.4 The Provider has a right to provide the Participant with additional charged services; a list as well as terms of provision of such services are defined by this Agreement, rules of the investment platform and other communications from the Provider. At that, the Provider has a right to change number and amount of charged services being offered, their price, name, type and effect.

4.5 The Provider has a right to suspend this Agreement and disconnect the Participant from the system for a period of investigation of suspicions about Participant's breach of this Agreement and rules of the investment platform.

4.6 The Provider has a right to exclude the Participant from the system if it is found that the Participant committed a breach of this Agreement or rules of the investment platform.

4.7 The Provider has a right to partially or completely stop provision of services for the purposes of modernization, repair and maintenance without giving the Participant an advance notice.

4.8 The Provider has a right to disable the Participant's account for breach of this Agreement with full confiscation of the monetary funds and other assets on the account.

4.9 The Provider has a right to accrue bonuses and other prizes to the Participant's account for the Participant's activity as per Partnership Program, as well as upon an initiative and at discretion of the Provider's management.

4.10 The Provider has a right to impose sanctions in the form of confiscation of some of Participant's assets to the good of the System, annulment of bonuses and prizes, disabling of the account with confiscation of all of the Participant's assets in case of breach of rules and intentional harm to the Service or its other Participants.

5. Rights and obligations of the participants

5.1 Only individuals who have reached the civil competency according to the law of their residency may participate in the operations of the system. All the consequences from non-compliance with this condition are incurred by the Participant.

5.2 A degree and method of participation in the service are determined by the Participant but have to agree with this Agreement and the rules of the investment platform.

5.3 Every Participant shall follow the rules of the service as presented in this Agreement and shall not depart from them. The Participant has a right to use all the functions of the service available to them.

5.4 The participant undertakes to provide truthful personal information on registration and upon first request to provide proofs permitting their identification as the account's owner.

5.5 The Participant undertakes to register only one account in the system.

5.6 The Participant undertakes to refrain from any activities going against the international law and legislation of the Participant's country of residence.

5.7 The Participant undertakes to refrain from using undocumented features (bugs, glitches) and errors in the system's software and upon finding any such features or errors inform the management about such features or errors as well as about any persons abusing them.

5.8 The Participant undertakes to refrain from using any external software to obtain advantages in the system.

5.9 The Participant undertakes to refrain from using their referral link, as well as any resources containing such link, for the purpose of advertising, including mailing campaigns aimed at persons who did not give their agreement to receive such messages (spam).

5.10 The Participant has no right to limit access of other Participants or other individuals to the Service and has to show respect towards other Participants, Management, Partners and Employees and shall not create obstacles for the work of the latter.

5.11 The Participant undertakes personally and independently take necessary measures of computer and other security and keep secret and do not transfer to another individual or another Participant their identity details: login and password for the account and other information; do not allow unauthorized access to the mail address specified in the Participant's profile. All the risk of adverse effects from disclosure of these data is with the Participant, due to Participant's agreement that the information security service of the investment platform excludes possibility of transfer of login, password and personal detail of a Participant to the third parties.

5.12 The Participant undertakes personal responsibility for their financial transactions and operations, the Provider takes no responsibility for such transactions and operations.

5.13 The Participant shall first of all inform the Management of the Provider of their claims and complaints in written form by means of feedback.

5.14 The Participant has a right to contact the Provider's consultants by means of the chat window and use any other available means of communications to the support to resolve problems appearing due to actions on behalf of Provider or its employees or to obtain clarifications on the operation of the Service.

5.15 The Participant undertakes to regularly familiarize with the news feed of the Service, as well as changes in this Agreement and rules of the investment platform.

5.16 The Participant is prohibited from creation of affiliated chains of 2 or more registrations for repeated receipt of partnership program bonus. If such affiliated chains are discovered, the Provider has a right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement with respect to all the Participants in the chain. At that, all the system attributes on the account and investment account of the Participant or a group of Participants, as well as all the expenses become void and are not subject to any compensation.

5.17 The Participant is prohibited from creation of more than one account in the System. If such duplicate accounts are discovered, the Provider has a right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement with respect to all the accounts of the Participant. At that, all the system attributes on the accounts, as well as all the expenses become void and are not subject to any compensation.

6. Rights and obligations of the parties

6.1 The Service does not guarantee permanent and uninterrupted access to the investment site and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances, including: inadequate operation or non-operation of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions third parties. Service will make every effort to prevent failures, but it is not responsible for temporary technical failures and service interruptions, regardless of the reasons for such failures.

6.2 The Service is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the system software. The participant uses the software according to the principle "AS IS". If the administration determines that the service has experienced a malfunction (error) in the operation of the site, the results that occurred during the incorrect operation of the software may be canceled or corrected at the discretion of the administration. The participant agrees not to appeal to the service and its administration about the quality, quantity, order and timing of the system capabilities and services provided to it.

6.3 The participant fully agrees that the service as well as its administration can not be held liable for the participant's losses that have arisen in connection with the illegal actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and system data bases, or because of interruptions caused by the organizer, suspension or termination of the channels and communication networks used for interaction with the participant, as well as illegal or unreasonable actions of payment systems, as well as third parties.

6.4 The Service shall not be liable for losses incurred as a result of the use or non-use of the service information by the participant, the system rules and the Site itself and shall not be liable for any losses or other harm incurred by the participant in connection with his unskilled activities and ignorance of the system rules or his errors in the calculations.

6.5 A participant agrees that he uses the investment site on his own free will and at his own risk. Administration doesn’t give the participant any guarantee that he will benefit or benefit from participation in the service. The degree of participation in the Service is determined by the participant.

6.6 Service, as well as its administration is not responsible to the participant for the actions of other participants.

6.7 In case of disputes and disagreements on the investment site, the decision of the administration is final, and the participant fully agrees with it.

6.8 The Service, as well as its administration, do not bear the tax burden for the Participant. The participant undertakes to independently include the possible income received in the tax declaration in accordance with the legislation of the country of his residence.

6.9 The Administration may amend this Agreement, the rules of the investment site and other documents unilaterally. In case of making changes to the documents, the Organizer places the latest versions of documents on the site of the investment site. All changes take effect from the moment of placement. The Participant has the right to terminate this Agreement within 3 days if he doesn’t agree with the amendments. The Participant is obligated to visit regularly the official website of the System in order to familiarize with official documents and news.

6.10 The Participant has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally without saving the account in the system. At the same time, all expenses related to participation in the system, the participant is not compensated and not returned.

6.11 The Administration has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, as well as to perform other actions limiting the opportunities in the Service, with respect to a participant or group of participants who are complicit in the violations of the terms of this Agreement.

6.12 The participant is responsible for the failure or improper performance of his obligations under this Agreement.

6.13 The Administration and the Participant are exempted from liability in the event of force major circumstances, including but not limited to: natural disasters, wars, fire (fires), flood, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest , acts of governmental or regulatory authorities, hacker attacks, lack, failure or malfunction of power supply, Internet service providers, communication networks or other systems, networks and services.

6.14 The Administration is not responsible to any extent for the success or failure of the Participant's actions related to the use of information provided on the site "".

7. Final provision

7.1 The invalidity of a part or paragraph (subparagraph) of this agreement shall not entail invalidity of all other parts and points (subparagraphs).

7.2 The term of this Agreement is established for the entire period of the investment site, that is, for an indefinite period, and doesn’t simple the expiry date of this agreement.

7.3 By registering and being on the investment site, the participant acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accepts the terms of this Agreement, as well as the rules of the system and other official documents.

7.4 If the user doesn’t agree that the established legal relationship between him and the service is governed exclusively by this agreement, he should refuse registration in the service, or create a request in support of the service to suspend service and lock the account if the user is already registered in the system.

7.5 All claims that a user has under this agreement are considered by the service by contacting the service support service through the official website of the service.

7.6 If there are disputes between the user and the service, they will be resolved through negotiation. If the disputed situation can not be resolved in the negotiation format, then it will be judicially examined in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain at the place of registration of CyberDyne Systems Technology in London.

7.7 Upon acceptance of the agreement, the user acknowledges that this agreement in electronic format is equivalent in force to the contract concluded in writing.

7.8 Service reserves the right to make additions and changes to this Agreement without prior notice to users.

7.9 In all other respects, which are not stipulated by these Rules, the Participants are guided by the current legislation of the countries where the service participants reside.

8. Private information

The Terminal SkyNet project respects its users regarding privacy. We realize how important it is to protect the information received from users, so we approve this document, which will inform you about how the information provided by users is stored, collected and applied.

This Privacy Policy is valid as of the date of the last revision. Administration of Trust Finance has the right to make adjustments to this document. Therefore, before you rely on any provision - read the document again (it may have been changed).

Privacy Policy CyberDyne Systems Technology establishes the procedure for the collection, storage, using and disclosure of information collected from users through the website (the "website"). This privacy applies to the site and to all services and products of CyberDyne Systems Technology. By using the site, the user confirms his agreement with this privacy.

Collection of information

8.1 When registering for the Terminal SkyNet project, users consent to the provision of their personal data to the Administration. We do not transfer personal information to third parties other than those specified in this document. The administration of Terminal SkyNet has the right to collect consolidated and individual information. Individual information is information about the user and his computer, different from the data of other users. However, this information does not allow personally identifying a person or personally communicating with him. The summary information is the data telling about features of the user, its habits of using in which the person of the concrete user does not open.

8.2 When visiting the Terminal SkyNet site, we collect information sent by your computer or other device. Information sent to the company includes information about the pages you visited, the IP address of your computer, device IDs, the type of operating system used, and other information. When registering a user, we collect information identifying him: Name (or nickname) and e-mail address. Also, only if the user agrees with the passage of the verification procedure of any type, his passport data (or other documents) and documents confirming the place of residence can be collected from him.

8.3 We will collect users’s personal identification of information only if they voluntarily provide such information. Users can always refuse to provide personal identification information, except that without which they will not be able to use certain services on the Site.

9. Personal data

9.1 Personal data is information that can be used to identify uniquely a user (name, login, e-mail, telephone). You may be asked to provide your details in connection with the registration on the site. The administration of Terminal SkyNet collects personal information voluntarily, but in some cases it may be necessary to gain access to a specific action.

9.2 Terminal SkyNet does not send personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. We can use your information to send information (for example, if you forget the password) in the event that you have agreed to receive the message.

9.3 The privacy policy of Terminal SkyNet does not apply to other companies. Each organization has its own document.

9.4 Terminal SkyNet has the right to disclose information in accordance with the Legislation.

10. To users younger than 18

10.1 Using of our resource is possible only at the age of 18. We don’t collect personal information about users who are under this restriction. The administration of Terminal SkyNet encourages parents to inform their children about age limits, and also that they should never open their personal data on the Internet.

11. Cookies files and another information from the user's computer

11.1 Cookies are electronic information units that are transferred to the hard disk of the user's computer to configure the site, as well as to store data about the user's access to the site and other data that are often needed by the user. When you enter the site, cookies saves your ip-address and personal identifier. This is necessary for fast moving from one page of the site to another without re-entering the login and password.

11.2 When visiting our site, the company may record cookies, flash cookies or other types of files on your computer or another device. These files can be used to identify the user, evaluate the advertising activities, ensure the security of your account, prevent dangerous acts for the site, to enhance overall security. Cookies are stored in your browser until they expire, until the user manually deletes them. The user has the ability to disable the use of cookies, but this can negatively affect the functioning of your account on the site.

11.3 Terminal SkyNet is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal data that the user discloses to other users. When deciding to provide any personal information, be careful.

12. Use of information received

12.1 The primary purpose of obtaining information about personal data is to promote safe and efficient services that satisfy your needs.

12.2 To improve the customer service, all the information that we receive helps to provide more effective feedback in support. We are constantly upgrading and improving the service based on your information and feedback that you leave.

12.3 We can use the e-mail address of the user and his mobile phone to send him information about the operation of the service. The user has the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, he will receive letters or SMS containing company news, updates related to products or services, etc. The user always has the opportunity to refuse receiving the newsletter, by unsubscribing.

13. Ssfety of personal data, protection and storage

13.1 Terminal SkyNet administration has taken all measures aimed to protecting the confidentiality of information that users send to the site.

13.2 We take all the measures to preserve your personal information, as well as security measures, to protect against unlawful access to your account by third parties, changes, disclosure or deletion of your personal data, user name, password, transaction information and data stored on our website.

13.3 Protection of your data is done using various tools and methodologies aimed at preventing unauthorized access to the account and the administrative part of the service. Security measures include various methods of highly effective protection and data encryption, control of access to the database of the site, as well as restricting personnel access to personal data. The exchange of confidential information between the site and users occurs through a secure communication channel, encrypted and protected by electronic signature.

14. Using of personal information by other participants

14.1 In the process of work, a part of your personal data can be provided to other users for the full functioning of the site. Other users can view your personal information only within the site, for example: your name (or nickname), links to social networks, e-mail, instant messengers and Skype.

15. Update / change / removal of personal data

15.1 If desired, you can edit / delete the information that you specified in your profile.

16. Data transmission to third parties

16.1 Access to personal information can be provided to law enforcement officials only if there is an appropriate court request.

16.2 Some of the personal information can be transferred to the partners of the company that participate in the operation for the site.

16.3 We are not responsible for the placement by third parties of personal data, information about the project, content and links to third-party sites and services.

16.4 Editing personal data and modifying the privacy.

16.5 All your personal data is available to you in your personal account on the site. You can edit your personal data at your discretion, however, in case you have already passed all the verification stages and want to edit them, you must delete the previous verification information and go through all the verification steps again.

16.6 The Company reserves the right to change this privacy policy. If changes are made to this privacy, the company will notify you about changes in the notification log. The user undertakes to periodically review the privacy policy himself to be aware of the changes.

16.7 The Administration of Terminal SkyNet has the right to provide individual and consolidated information to third parties without restrictions, in cases that are not provided for in this privacy.

17. Communication with the administration of Terminal Skynet

17.1 If necessary, you can contact the administration through the feedback form in the "Contacts" section. For this you must be registered on the site.

17.2 You can also contact the administrator via E-mail:

18. Risk notice

Force majeure circumstances

The Terminal SkyNet project does not guarantee permanent and long access to the investment site and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances. Among them: inadequate operation or non-operation of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as unlawful and illegal actions of third parties (cyber criminals, hackers, programmers, Internet hooligans, etc.) aimed at violating the system security of electronic equipment and database systems. The administration of the project Terminal SkyNet will make effort to prevent malfunctions, but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the operation of the System, regardless of the causes of such failures. The participant fully agrees that the organizer can not be liable for participant's losses caused by interruptions, , suspension or termination of the channels and communication networks used for interaction with the participant, as well as illegal or unreasonable actions of payment systems.

Investment and financial risks

The organizer and the Participant are exempted from liability in the event of force majeure circumstances occurring, including but not limited to: natural disasters, wars, fires, floods, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, acts of government or regulatory authorities, hacker attacks, absences, malfunctions or malfunctions of energy supply, Internet service providers, communication networks or other systems, networks and services.

Liability refuse

Internet investments, like investments in general, are risky and fraught with the loss of both part of the funds and the entire capital. Risk is an integral part of the investment process. Therefore, a participant in our system should be aware of all the risks and observe the following rules:

1. Never invest as much as you are not ready to lose! Determine for yourself in your head some amount, more of which you are not yet ready to lose, and work only with it! For each this figure will be different, but it is! This will save you from unnecessary problems.

2. Never invest in borrowed (including "credit") money! Always invest only your money! In no case do not invest borrowed, loan funds!

3. Never make a decision under pressure or in a hurry! Think several times before investing in a particular asset. Never do it because someone is making you do that.

4. Diversify tools for investment! Never trust your funds with one asset! It does not matter, no matter how reliable and profitable it does not seem to you! Create an investment portfolio for yourself and invest in it. In this scenario, the "discharge" of the account will not hit your wallet so much!

19. Technical risks

19.1 РThe information placed on the pages of (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is intended for free familiarization of users with questions that may be interesting to them.

19.2 All information is provided in its original form, without guarantees of completeness or timeliness, and without other express or implied warranties. Access to the Site, as well as the use of its Content, is carried out exclusively at your discretion and at your own risk.

19.3 Administration (Site owners, officials, directors, shareholders, founders, employees, agents, Section curators and other representatives) makes every effort to provide users with accurate and reliable information, but at the same time does not exclude the possibility of errors.

19.4 The site is a project with open content. Its contents are provided freely, as an act of goodwill, on an "as is" basis without concluding any agreements or agreements between you, users of this Site, the Administration, the owners of the servers on which it is hosted, or by anyone else, in any way connected with this or related projects, which [contracts] can be the subject of direct claims.

19.5 The Administration does not give any assurances or guarantees regarding the Site and its Content, including without limitation, timeliness, relevance, accuracy, completeness, reliability, accessibility or compliance for any particular purpose of the Site and the Content, so there will be no errors when using the Site, it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the Administration will correct any errors, or that the Site will not contain viruses or other malicious codes, Content and the Site do not violate t of the rights of third parties.

19.6 Some links on this Site lead to resources located on third-party sites. These links are placed for the convenience of users and don’t mean that the Administration approves the content of other sites. In addition, the Site Administration assumes no responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content. This statement applies to all links provided on the Site and the materials of all websites accessible through banners and links on the website at

19.7 It is the responsibility of the Administration not to control the legality or illegality of the transmitted information (any, including but not limited to information transmitted between users, internal transfer of information in the form of various links, texts or archives), determining the ownership or legitimacy of the transfer, reception or using of this information.

19.8 The Administration takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy, relevance and legitimacy of the Content, but it does not assume responsibility for the actions of individuals or organizations, directly or otherwise, based on information available on the Site or received through it, either provided by the Administration or by third parties.

19.9 In accordance to applicable law, the Administration disclaims different representations or warranties that may be implied and disclaims liability with respect to the Site, the Content and its use. With no any circumstances the Site Administration will be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage as a result of any use of information on this Site or on any other website to which there is a hyperlink from our Site, the occurrence of dependence, decrease in productivity, dismissal or interruption of labor activity, as well as deductions from educational institutions, for any lost profits, suspension of economic activities, loss of programs or data in Your information systems or otherwise, arising from the access, use or inability to use the Site, the Content or any linked Internet site, or the inability, error, omission, interruption, defect, idle time or delay in transmission, computer virus or a system failure, even if the administration is explicitly informed of the possibility of such damage.

19.10 The advertiser is responsible only for advertising placed on the Site. The site specifically notifies that it does not guarantee the possibility of purchasing or using certain goods or services at prices and / or on terms specified in the advertising blocks (texts, banners). You agree that the Site is not responsible for any consequences (including any damage) arising from any relationship with advertisers.

19.11 The Site provides the possibility to send users questions, comments, suggestions and other information to include it in the relevant sections of the Site, which can and will be used by other visitors. The site assumes no responsibility for the content and accuracy of this information, nor for any recommendations or opinion that may be contained therein, nor for its applicability to specific users. In addition, as the Internet doesn’t provide full reliable information protection, the Site is not responsible for the information sent via the Internet.

19.12 By submitting materials, the sending party guarantees and confirms that it has copyright to these materials, obtained permission to publish from the copyright holder, or that these materials are in the public domain and are placed in accordance with the law or the requirements of the source. The sending party also guarantees and confirms that the recipient has a full and unlimited right to send these materials, and that such sending does not infringe on anyone's rights and legitimate interests.

19.13 The site may use cookies to store both your personal and general information. "Cookies" are small text files that can be used by the website to identify permanent visitors, to simplify the access and using of the site visitor, as well as to track visitors to the site and collect general information to improve the content. By using the Site, you agree to use the Site and cookies.

19.14 The Administration reserves the right to make changes without notification of users. Also, the Administration is not responsible for changing, editing or deleting any information that you added to the Site or other related projects.

19.15 The Administration has the right to deny access to the Site to any User or group of Users without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification.

19.16 The Administration has the right to change or delete links to information, graphics, sound and other data posted by Users on the Site, without main notification and explanation of the reasons for their actions.

19.17 Different trademarks, signs and names of goods, services and organizations, design rights, copyrights and related rights that are mentioned, used or quoted on the pages of the Site, belong to their rightful owners and their use here doesn’t entitle you to any other use. If there’s nothing else stated, the pages of this Site are in no way connected with the rightholders, and no one except the rightholder can dispose of the rights to use copyrighted materials. You are responsible for using these and similar materials.

19.18 Reading, distribution or modification of information posted on this site may violate the laws of the country in which you are viewing this site.

19.19 The User agrees that all possible disputes will be resolved according to the norms of Russian law.

19.20 Inaction on the part of the Administration in the event of violation of the user agreement by the User or a group of Users does not deprive the Administration of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of the interests of the Site later.

19.21 All rights to the materials on the Site are protected in accordance with the laws of the EU and the Russian Federation, including copyright and related rights.

19.22 If, in accordance to applicable laws, any conditions are found invalid, the remaining conditions remain in full force.

19.23 By using this Site, you agree to the "Waiver of Liability" and the established Rules and accept all responsibility that may be assigned to you.